Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube Supply

stainless steel fabrication for wastewaterThe Leading Supplier of Lightwall Stainless Steel Piping for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Industry.

We offer pipe and tube supply products to design engineers in the industry. We take the time to educate and detail the benefits of using our stainless steel products for low temperature and pressure applications. Why should you use our stainless steel piping on your current wastewater project?

We use previously annealed ASTM-A-240 type 304L or 316L alloy stainless steel sheets and plates for the manufacture of our pipe and fittings.

Considering the light walls commonly used, our stainless steel piping has very good mechanical strength properties for pressure and supporting requirements.

Since we fabricate the light wall piping into multiple component spools, minimizing field connections, there are fewer and lighter pieces to handle and join; resulting in a surprisingly lower installed cost compared to other piping systems.

Our stainless steel piping can be custom shop fabricated to suit dimensional limits, phased installation, and future expansion considerations. We are not limited by fixed standard fitting dimensions, only by practical fabrication practices.

Standard wall and schedule pipe and fittings are readily available from our stock yard.

We use only qualified welders, and the best procedures including inert argon gas purging to manufacture and fabricate your piping system. The stainless steel material is carefully protected and passivated to assure you a long lasting aesthetically pleasing system for your plant.

Stainless steel piping requires no painting or linings, to wear or corrode. Therefore, costly downtime and maintenance programs are avoided.

You can replace your usual piping system with stainless steel piping and still use welded, flanged or coupled connections as you normally would. Usually any redesign of the piping or supports will result in savings from lighter piping and fewer pieces.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have, review and comment on your stainless steel piping specification or drawings and/or provide budget cost estimates for your analysis.