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Stainless Steel Piping Systems and More!

stainless steel alloy productsDouglas Brothers’ line up of available products include standard fabricated stainless steel and stainless alloy fabricated piping systems, but also custom pipe and fittings for a number of industries including pulp & paper, chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical. Waste water sewage pipes are another specialty, employing corrosion resistant, high strength piping that is able to properly withstand temperature and pressure according to specifications.

Since we manufacture our light wall piping in many component spools, there are fewer connections in the field, lighter pipe segments to handle and a lower installation cost, saving our customers time and money. Our designs are fully adaptable to the specific requirements of our clients’ industry, so no matter the required specs, we can accommodate.

Contact Douglas Brothers to start your order for any of our stainless steel products, including manways, fabricated piping, pipe and fitting, wastewater/sewage, ASME vessels, custom fabrication, smooth flow elbows, mitred elbows, reducers, fabricated fittings, angle rings, backing flanges, plate flanges and blind flanges. Call to speak with our stainless steel pipe manufacturers and experts at (800) 341-0926 today.