Douglas Brothers Expands Internationally in 2013

Stainless Steel ManufacturerDouglas Brothers has been manufacturing and delivering custom pipes and stainless steel fittings to businesses across the spectrum of industries, for dozens of specific applications, since 1972. In the decades since Douglas Brothers expanded into their 40,000 square foot facility in Portland, Maine, they have delivered specially fabricated stainless steel pipe to pulp and paper outfits, waste water treatment facilities, chemical treatment plants, pollution control systems and more.

In 2013, Douglas Brothers’ clientele has expanded across the globe more than ever before. Custom vessel work for the chemical processing industry and filtration industries, as well as the pollution control industry has been completed for clients in Jordan, China, Indonesia, Argentina, South Africa, and Belgium. Water and sewage custom stainless steel piping has also been part of the application specific orders from abroad this year.

We are looking forward to an even more successful future for Douglas Brothers on the international stage, and hopes to implement new machinery and accompanying engineering software to support the influx of new business.

What sets Douglas Brothers apart from larger stainless steel pipe fabricators is a commitment to service and a sterling reputation for delivering orders on time and adhering to even the strictest specifications. The engineering expertise and depth of fabrication experience ensures that even the most demanding process equipment requirements will be met. Douglas Brothers takes pride in delivering consistent quality, order after order, no matter what corner of the globe their custom fabricated vessels, manways, fittings, ASME vessels, and custom steel pipe fabrication are headed.

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